Rubber Materials

We seek the following products

Tire derived fuelNot currently seeking

We import tire chips (2-inch and 6-inch) for tire derived fuel in 20-foot and 40-foot high cube containers. If you have tire chips in bulk, please contact us.
*1 inch = 2.5 cm

Tire derived fuel

Unvulcanized rubber compound

We are looking for unvulcanized rubber compound rejected at tire factories. Vulcanized scorch less than 5% is acceptable. The rubber can be in sheets or mass. We use it to produce rubber products.

Unvulcanized rubber compound

Butyl bladder scrap Not currently seeking

We are looking for butyl bladder scrap appropriate for reclaiming butyl rubber. Please contact us.
*Bladders are used in tire factories to mold rubber in tires

Butyl bladder scrap

Butyl tube scrap

We are looking for butyl tube scrap of good quality from used bias truck tires. Please contact us.

Butyl tube scrap

Buffing dust

We are looking for buffing dust from truck tire casings.

Buffing dust

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Tel: +81-48-536-7755 (Export Division)


Butyl tube scrap requirements

  • – Butyl tube scrap from trucks and buses only
  • – Full tubes only (no cuts)
  • – No tube trash, bits or flecks
  • – No natural rubber tubes
  • – No valves (all valves must be fully removed)
  • – Tube surfaces must be clean (no dirt, mud, paint, etc.)
  • – No other objects or materials (plastic flecks, metal scraps, etc.)

If your shipment fails to strictly meet all of these requirements, the buyer has the right to claim a refund.

Buffing dust requirements

  • – Truck tire buffing dust only
  • – Sieved buffing dust only
  • – Size: 6 mesh to 16 mesh
  • – No steel wire, trash, bits or flecks
  • – Different sizes must be separated