Why KKB?

High quality used tires from KKB in Japan

It is widely known that the quality of used tires in Japan is highly reputed in the world for the high quality due to existence of well developed paved roads and strict speed limit enforced by authority. The circumstance has soft impact on tires and tires in Japan keep good condition even in a long run.
We, KKB, care about quality of tires we supply as we know importance of supplying stability and quality with our tires. To materialize offering our customers the stability and high quality used tires, we, KKB, inspect tires 3 times before exporting them. The first inspection is made when we collect tires on the spot. Second inspection is conducted at our own yards for stocking. Then, Third time inspection is made when prior to tire loading into export containers.

Huge inventory of used Japanese brand tires

We hold a huge inventory of used tires, having in total 4 stock yards in Japan The biggest yard is located in kumagaya Saitama, where head quarter is located. Then, second yard is located in Hokkaido, third one located in Miyagi and then fourth yard located in Iwate.
We also have cooperative yards, 10 yards, throughout Japan.
By holding great number of stocks, we can meet various demand for tires and fulfill needs of our customers.
Needless to say, our tires are of well-known Japanese brand tires such as Bridgestone, YOKOHAMA, DUNLOP and TOYO.

Total support

Quality assurance

Because we are fully committed to quality, we thoroughly inspect tires, 3 times up to exporting, ensuring the quality and its stability. However, in case of any quality issues arisen, we will make a through investigation and identify the cause, hence eliminate possibility of recurrence.

Customers visiting overseas

We welcome visitors from overseas as we recognize export of our used tires is one of major strengths of our company. Please feel free that we have trilingual and bilingual staffs at our head quarter for the following languages.: English, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish. We feel certain that we will make your visit pleasant and fruitful.

Long lasting Business Relationship

We consider our customers as our business partners, and it is our policy to support the partner in anyway we can and establish a long-term relationship. Indeed, some of our customers have been with us for over 40 years, visiting us quite often, feeling like our family members. Nowadays, second generation of our customers visit us, and we feel grateful having such opportunities.